About Alpacas at Hum Sweet Hum

Alpacas at Hum Sweet Hum is located in central Oregons Willamette Valley between Eugene and Creswell. After several years of searching, I found just the right home for my alpaca ranch. Owning my own property to raise my alpacas has been a dream that has finally come true!


The good thing about this dream is that the reality is even better than the fantasy of having my own little farm. There is plenty of work to be done but its wonderful to go out and work on my own land, and to see my animals right outside my window. I found an area with a great alpaca community. Its awesome to be a member of a community that works together to build a viable and profitable alpaca industry.


Ranches, like websites, are ever under construction, so check my blog often to see how we are growing!

Alpaca Whisperer

Friends have called me an Alpaca Whisperer, but really I just love to spend time with these animals and gain their trust.

My past career in Counseling taught me to "listen" and to observe behavior. That training gives me added benefits when it comes to teaching the animals. Using Positive Reinforcement Techniques for training has made my alpacas noted for being easy to handle and enjoy.